New for 2023

The Titan PowrLiner 8955 Line Marker added to our hire fleet

This line striping spray unit is perfect for larger projects, as it is designed for ease of use and simple operation. It is capable of a 2 gun set up and has highway-rated bearings on its wheels. The unit has a built in 12 gallon hopper and is capable of spraying lightbodied coatings all the way up to low- VOC striping paints.

Introducing the 3M PPS 2.0 Cup System to our range

With liners ranging in size from 200ml to 850ml, this system is perfect for quick colour changes and reducing waste paint. Our range fittings allows for this innovative system to be used on a wide variety of spray guns including gravity and suction. We also have exclusive kit custom made to fit the Graco Edge II and Edge II Plus Guns.

Our Mirka range has been increased to include:

Abranet Discs for Deros, Deos, and Deos Delta in a variety of grits

HandHeld Sanding Machines, Deros, Deos, and Deos Delta units with convenient sustainer carry cases

Dust Extractor Vacuum Unit that can be easily attached to your Mirka sanding units for quick and efficient dust removal and attachments to adapt from dust extraction use to general vacuum use on site.

We have also expanded our health and safety range to include a larger variety of face masks

From 30 Day Disposable Half Masks, to 3M Half Masks with built-in Speaking Diaphragms, all the way to Full Visor Air Fed Masks via compressed air and Battery Powered Belt Mounted Filtered Air Supply. All masks can be supplied with a varied range of filters to meet your needs.

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