Airless Sprayer – Graco Electric ST Max II 595 PC Pro

Spray Supplies Scotland are proud to be stockists of the Graco Electric ST MAx II 595 PC Pro  HI Boy


More PERFORMANCE, advanced TECHNOLOGY and extra features offers you every day reliability and ultimate user comfort, with ST Max™ II PC Pro.

When you need the increased productivity to handle medium residential and light commercial jobs, ST Max™ II PC Pro delivers the performance you want. Available for you in a compact stand version or the more featured cart version, offering direct suction, a kick back, hose wrap and toolbox as a premium.

It’s for YOU, we equipped all ST Max™ II PC Pro with ProConnect™, ProGuard™, maintenance-free brushless motor design, Endurance™ Pump, Contractor™ Gun, SmartControl™ 2.5 and FastFlush™.

Leading technology, helps you finish your paint job on time, every day with a smile!

For your machine we recommend the use of Graco Pump Armor which we stock.

Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro PDF documentation


Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro