Graco 190 classsic spray unit
Graco 190 classsic spray unit


Graco 190 Classic PC Pro:

The Graco 190 Classic PC Pro is a stand mounted 110v electric airless paint sprayer, which will support a 0.019” airless spray tip.

•Compact and Lightweight
•Easy to use
•Supports a 0.019″ tip

Ready To Spray
•Delivered complete with FTX™ gun, RAC X™ tip & guard, and a BlueMax™ hose.
•Offset Handle with Comfort Grip
•Unit is balanced away from your body for easy transport.
•Big cup, holds inlet tube, prevents drips during transport

Endurance™ Pump
•Chromex™ Rod and Hardened Stainless Steel cylinder
•QuickAcces intake valve: requires only the light knock of a hammer to access the intake ball plus easy to clean or clear debris

Lightweight Design
•Graco’s lightest professional sprayer at only 14 kg
•Easy to lift and carry
•Welded Steel Frame
•Four-leg design for solid footing
•Rugged leg caps to protect floor

Consistent Pressure Control
•Delivers quality spray pattern with minimum fluctuation.

Swivel Inlet Suction Hose
•Easily swivels to reach buckets or cans.

Unit ships complete with:
SG-3 Airless Spray gun, BlueMax™ hose 1/4″ x 7.5 m, RAC X tip 515, HandTite™ guard and pressure gauge.

Max. Tip Size: 0.019″
Max Fluid Flow: 1.44l/min (0.38 gpm)
Max. Pressure: 207 bar (3000 PSI)
Weight: 14 kg (31lbs)
Voltage: 110v Single Phase
Motor type: DC Open Frame
Motor rating: 1/2 HP
Generator requirements: 3 kW (4.0 HP), 3000 W