In Stock the Wagner Tip Clean

Now in Stock the Wagner Tip Clean plus Cleaning fluid.

Clean spray tips safely without touching harmful chemicals

Wagner Tip Cleaner


Tip cleaning unit (egg timer) 

Holds Approx 200ml of fluid

1 litre cleaning fluid refill bottle 

Very simple to use, simply insert your spray tips, turn upside down allow tips to clean, reverse and remove tips without the need to touch any chemicals.

Spray Plaster Demo’s – Try before you buy

Spray Plaster Demo Days

With the Graco TexSpray machines a plasterer can move into the 21st century and use a machine for applying plaster.  The quality standard is as you would expect from Graco – extremely high.

Spray Supplies Scotland can arrange a demo day for you to come along and try using a Spray Plaster machine to see if it’s the right machine for your business.  We have training wall’s for you to try using one of our Graco TexSpray machines.

Call or email Spray Supplies Scotland to discuss.