Accessories – Graco Poles, Hoses, Guards & Tips

Replace your used spray tips with quality Graco RAC X switch Tips. Available in store or available mail order. Govan, Glasgow, Scotland.

We have a range of Graco Guards and Tips.

Graco Superior RAC X Switch Tips

Green FFA tip for all your Fine Finish Applications

Blue PPA tip for Professional Airless Applications

Brown HDA tip for all Heavy Duty and Texture Applications.

We also have a range of Tip extensions, poles and pole guns, to optimise comfort, versatility and most importantly safety.

We also stock Graco Pump Repair Kit.


Accessories & Consumables

Ultra Max

Special Offer

We have an unbeatable offer at the moment with the Graco GM5900 petrol spray unit this is supplied with 100ft 1/4″ paintline, contractor gun, spray tip & guard. This is an ideal unit for exterior painting and roof coating. Price £3500.00 + vat

About Us

With over 30 years combined experience in Spray Painting Equipment, we have the experience to answer your questions. Supplier of Airless Spray Paint Equipment from handheld spray gun units to larger wheel mounted units by Graco. We also have replacement parts for sale such as RAC – X Switch tips to give your work that …

Disinfectant Application

Available soon! Graco’s SaniSpray HP range is uniquely built with the highest grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitisers and deodorisers unlike traditional airless paint spray equipment. The products have been designed to deliver consistent coverage, without heavy drips and runs and deliver the proper atomisation required to quickly and consistently coat surfaces, achieve …